From Wrike to Asana? Why?

Our team is testing out Asana . We have found out that some other teams are using Wrike. Has anyone used Wrike and then moved to Asana, and can comment on why they thought Asana may be better?

Ive been looking into Wrike and it does look good. Just thinking if others have used it extensively then they may have some insights.


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@Clayton_Chipper, I worked on both platforms and to be honest there is some features in Wrike that I thin Asana should still catch up to. But with that said, I do think Asana is the better tool, not feature wise but usability and flexibility wise. If feels asif Asana can fade into the background and you can focus on you work, where in Wrike, It was a bit overwhelming to many of the team members. It really also depends on what you aim to do with the tools that would determine your choice. If you have specific questions, let me know.

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Hi @Paul_Grobler
I’m also at a stage where I need to decide for one or the other. I also found Wrike to be quite ahead of Asana:

  • In task descriptions, you can add images, insert links, tables, headings, etc. Something simple that Asana does not provide even with customers begging for it.
  • Video Proofing available - If you produce video, that’s a big plus
  • Custom fields in sub-tasks - Asana doesn’t provide this, although it’s been requested for 3 years. BUT, Wrike doesn’t allow Custom Fields content roll down from tasks to sub-tasks. So I guess not a real possitive for Wrike there.
  • Product Team in Wrike seems to be more responsive, compared to the years of “radio silence” I see here in Asana.

Where Asana has an edge though is in how user-friendly its UX is. Which is a big plus for working with teams that dont have the time to learn a complicated tool.

I’m trying so hard to love Asana, but I keep finding myself trying to figure out some workarounds for all the things that are not provided or don’t work. And it’s frustrating to see how basic features have been requested for years, with no response from the development team (other than the helpful and very nice people from the community).

I need to make my mind this month (we need to move the team from Trello).

If you can share your thoughts I’d appreciate it.
@Clayton_Chipper what did you end up doing?

Thank you guys!

@Eric5 you bring out valid concerns. If you want we can have a 30 min Video call and you can show me some of the problems and limitations, and if possible I can share some workarounds I found. Send me a Private message if this could be helpfull.

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We ended up staying with Asana, only because Wrike wouldn’t alter their pricing strategy eg minimum of blocks of five officers. That said, Asana is the same, so we are still on the free tier.

My feeling was that Wrike looked much more mature and it seems now that Asana is copying quite a few of their features.

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Just wanna comment on this part, and say that as a Certified Pro, I see a lot of improvement on a lot of different topics, when you might indeed see your topics being stuck. Also Asana does not share their roadmap, which can be frustrating, but it does not mean they are not working hard behind the curtain :slight_smile:

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