From trial to premium version - how to update a project

Dear community,
I’m asking your help to solve this problem: we created a project using Asana trial version years ago. Now that we have the premium version, we can not convert it as premium project, so we can not add other members for examples (this is the main issue actually).
Could you suggest me how proceed as best practice? I thought to export, create a new project, and import, but in this way a could lose the attachments, right?
Many thank for your help!

Hi @Silvia_Brovelli

Thank you for posting

Were the premium licences applied to the same team/Asana instance?

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No, how can I do that @Danielle-GenD?

In fact if someone new want to add to the project as member, no one receive the request.

Thank you in advance for your help.


Hi Silvia,

When you made a premium account from a free account you would need to have applied the licences to the existing account with the project in it otherwise it might be seen as two separate accounts. Best idea is to contact support directly Asana Support - Help Center • Asana