Freelancer - how to set ASANA up

I am using ASANA as a freelancer and wondering what is the best way to set up my clients. I won’t be inviting any of them in as guests/teammates/collaborators. It’s just for me to keep on top of all the tasks and track time correctly for billing (trialling the Harvest app).

Thanks in advance.


Hey @Jess_Bloomfield

There are many different possibilities on how to organize yourself and Asana around clients. In my opinion it strongly depends on the size of projects or amount of work you have with them. At our company (software as a service product - subscription based) we created a team called «Clients» and for each client we create a new project where we collect all tasks linked to those clients (with a very simple sub-structure to organize the status of the task → New / On it / Done). Within the team we created a project-template to make it easier to setup new projects for new customers.

For when we have to work closer with customers on a specific project we created an additional team called «feedback-tracker clients». Within this team we create a new Asana project for those dedicated projects where we invite the customer as guests/collaborators, so they can use it to provide feedback and have an overview on which tasks we are working on and about their status. Thanks to multihoming it makes it easy to share tasks from those projects with the dedicated project of each customer (in the team «Clients») when necessary.

I hope this helps. Maybe also have a look at this post from @Andrea_Mayer : 🚦 Dealing with external clients - How much access should they have?

I know you mention that you don’t want to give your clients access at all, but I think the article also contains some good inspiration on how to setup Asana when working with external clients.

Cheers and have fun setting up your projects :boom:!


Hi Daniel
Thanks for your reply. For example my main client i do bookkeeping, event management, website, newsletters etc and need to show tracked time for each area, but be able to set up tasks for each as well.
I am super confused trying to get this all set up!

Hey Jess, based on that it seems you have a lot of tasks to accomplish for them. Then I suggest probably having one team per client is best and then you have Bookkeeping, Event Management, Web Development tasks, Marketing all as separate project. This way you can track it nicely.

Personally I have not used Harvest as time tracking app yet but have a look at the community built comparison about time tracking apps to figure out which one works best for you.

From my end, I can say that we use Hubstaff and it allows us very nicely to connect every single Asana project to one project in Hubstaff and then track time per task as well so it allows us to have an overview on time per task spent and also per project spent and many more features such as limiting costs/hours per project, etc

If you are unsure on how to set up the projects have a look at some templates that Asana provides Asana Templates - Free Project, Management and Business Templates • Asana and some more are here

Not sure what plan you are on at the moment but in case you are on the free plan I’d definitely suggest to upgrade as premium and business offer many more features such as custom fields, rules, etc which are really helpful and you can automate things further. :slight_smile:


Great, thanks so much! I’ll check out the other time tracker too. I just want one that syncs clients and tasks etc

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Sorry for the English, but it was the google translation.

At the agency we have branding, website creation and social media services. We separate the projects by color: Blue is branding, red is website and gray is social media.
All projects are divided into backlog, Progress, Approval and completed.

When the tasks go to Progress, a rule sends the task to the week’s sprint project, where the distribution for the week is made.

And so the team can visualize the entire progress of the week.