Free - Public to web / read only Calendar view being removed

We have extended members of our business who do not require an enterprise account (or any paid account) for the ability to see what we have scheduled and the read-only public-to-web function served us well.

As this will be defunct either by the 13th May or 20th May what is the replacement?

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Welcome, @Nicholas_Porter,

The Calendar read-only view has been removed (none of the other read-only views is affected). I edited the thread’s subject to clarify that.

Perhaps the Timeline view is a replacement option? Or perhaps some manner of third-party integration.



Hi Larry,

Thank you for the clarification.

That is a shame as it is the most useful read-only view we have as it enables teams to view all jobs in a clean and structured way.

Unfortunately, the timeline view is very fractured and the list view cannot be sorted in due date order, I am sure we will find another way.

We do have the Google app and tried linking to our Google Calendar but if anything changes for the task, like the task name or if the job is removed it does not update the Google Calendar entry, unless there is something I am missing?

Thank you for your response.


I also agree that the Calendar view is a lot more useful for my stakeholders that just need a simple easy to read view of what is happening for campaign deployment. Unfortunately not all teams have asana licenses. Is this something that will be re-evaluated on if this is a view that can be kept for non-license holders?

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I am proposing that it be made available for use again, so I would appreciate your support.

Hi, @lpb

I think the timeline view is an alternative to the calendar view, but it’s hard to see.

I would like them to introduce a read-only view in Gantt view for ease of viewing.
Product feedback link,

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I have spoken with my contact in Asana and have been informed the removal of read-only calendar view is on hold right now while the developers review the feedback.

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