Free book offer for Asana's Nonprofit partners! [deadline Jan 19]

Hi everyone! :wave:t3: My name is Carla and I lead Asana’s Customer Education team. I have a no-strings-attached gift to offer you all – a copy of the new book, Humor, Seriously, published by Penguin Random House.

The authors (one of whom happens to be my sister) teach at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and are partnering with over 100 nonprofits and school districts to donate copies of the book, aiming to spread a bit of joy and say thanks for the work being done in communities nationwide. As a former member of the non-profit/public sectors (Teach For America and K12 education), I’m especially glad to extend the offer to all of you.

In order to receive a free copy of the book, simply fill out this form by January 19th – your contact information will only be used to send you a copy of the book and will be deleted after the books are sent out.

More about the book and distribution process below:

  • What is the book about? Humor, Seriously is grounded in behavioral research that shows having a mindset of levity can help us be more powerful, bonded, creative, and resilient through hard times. Chip Heath (author of Power of Moments) had this to say: “If you think your workplace would work better if everyone laughed more, this is your playbook.” Learn more about the book.
  • Is the book endorsed by Asana? No, Asana is not endorsing its ideas, we’re simply passing along an opportunity for our nonprofit partners to get a free copy thanks to the authors’ generosity.
  • Are there any strings attached? No, there will be no follow-up from the authors, publishing company, or anyone else. This is simply a limited-time free book offer for anyone working at a nonprofit organization. Think of it as a thank you for the meaningful work you do!
  • How will shipping work? If you sign up using the form, Barnes & Noble will ship a copy to the address provided and you will receive an email when that happens After that, all addresses provided will be deleted.
  • Can I share this opportunity with other nonprofit staff in my network? Yes! Feel free to share this opportunity and the form with the staff of other non-profits/charities in your network. Note that the deadline to submit order requests is January 19th.

Thank you for the work you do!

Asana Customer Education


I just signed up for it. Thank you so much!


Hi there, this sounds amazing! I think it would be helpful. Hope submitting the form today is not too late as I’ve just seen this! Thank you in advance:)


Here I am a day late :frowning: love the offer and sorry I missed it. I’ll pay better attention to the forum going forward.

Thank you for your generosity!

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Darn, I missed it, and this post was on my birthday! :frowning: I’ve been so busy of late!