FR: New Rule Action: Create new Project from Template

Feature request for Rules

When a task is added to a project or section, I’d like to see a follow up action be: create a new project from a pre-existing template.

I see many use cases arising from this functionality.

We currently manage all our employee onboarding via Asana. HR complete a Form that populates as a Task in a project. But we then have a 65 step process to our onboarding lifecycle from account provisioning, asset purchasing through to training. The onboarding steps are captured in a project template. But being able to create a new project from this template while being unique to the new employee when kicked off from the form submission will be a game changer.

Indeed rules at the moment don’t allow you to create projects. Check out The Asana automation bible: all the triggers and actions from Asana, Zapier, Flowsana, Integromat & Automate for alternatives


+1 for this feature!

I work on a Marketing team that uses Asana, and we use forms to “kick off” many of our initiatives (such as a webinar), and currently have the form zap a task to a project that solely holds these form submissions. We literally made the zap give each task the title “New Webinar Submission. Create project from General Webinars template.” It would be fantastic if “Task Added to Project” could “Create Project from ____ Template” and set a specific person as the project owner.


I am also highly interested in this functionality. Currently, I’m looking to find a way to have a project started by one team add new projects to a different part of the company when certain milestones are met. Example: Sales team finalizes what the client wants for product, which then opens a new project with the Warehouse that can populate information from the original sales project including Items and Quantities needed, with all the steps from gathering product to packaging and shipment.

This would be great to have. Reasoning is:

When we win a deal in our CRM, it creates a task in an Asana project telling us as such. We then want to have a task that says “Create Project Template?” and when we complete that task, it will create a project template with a specified name.

Ideally, this could be done via an Approval not just a task completion, as well.

We are VERY interested in this feature!!! We have many “sub-projects” for different teams that arise based on certain tasks/timelines of one of our overall master project templates. Creating a rule or the ability for different projects to be created automatically from existing templates at certain points in a parent project would save so much time, and prevent user error for those teammates that aren’t as fluent in the project build-out/templates, but that still need to manage their department’s project components.

FYI our Flowsana integration has a “Create project from a template” rule action.

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