Four new courses to enable your nonprofit goals now available!

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We’re delighted to announce the launch of the “Asana for Nonprofits” Asana Academy course series, featuring 4 new courses to help you and your team set up your mission-critical workflows.

These new Asana Academy courses, designed to solve common nonprofit processes, will enable your teams to set clear objectives and focus on the work that matters most.

These courses will help your team monitor and execute all of your development efforts in pursuit of your fundraising goals with Asana.

We also know that your caseloads can be immense and organizations often struggle to keep track of all the moving pieces while ensuring your clients’ needs are met. This course will help you simplify the processes of case management, and help you delegate projects effectively in Asana.

If you work with volunteers, which we know many of you do, this course will teach you how to coordinate a repeatable engaging onboarding experience in Asana.

We hope these Asana Academy courses help your organization advance its mission.

Which course(s) did you find most helpful, and what course(s) would you love to see in the future? Comment below!


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Great content! I’ve already signed up! :smile: :dizzy:

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Some environmental Project running on Asana
-Renewable Energy :sun_with_face:
-Water Management :sweat_drops:
-Waste Management :recycle:
-Environmental Licencing :deciduous_tree:
-Sustainable constructions :house_with_garden:

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