Forms- Submitted forms

Would it be possible to assign a task automatically to someone once a form in created as a task in the project?
That one the person responsible for the form would get notified.

Hi @Tori_Thompson and welcome to the forum!

Are you on the Premium or Business level Asana subscription?

If you’re on Business, you can assign the resulting task to a specific user via the Settings area when creating a form:
Also on Business, if you want the assignee to be variable based on a value the submitter selects in a dropdown-list custom field, you could accomplish that by writing a set of custom rules, rather than using the above Settings feature which is hard-coded to just one user.

If you’re on Asana Premium, unfortunately none of the above functionality is available.

However, for Premium users, all of the above - assigning to a specific user or assigning variably based on a form field - is possible via the Forms Support module of my Flowsana integration. :slight_smile:

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