Forms: option for saving sender login info

  • We use Forms as a way to report a bug to our bug-tracking project in Asana. Before the Forms were introduced, we used to have a bug task template, and to report a bug you had to duplicate the template task and update the task description. And everyone in the team found Forms to be more convenient and more natural way of reporting bugs. But the only problem is that when you fill out the form, the task is being created on behalf of Asana. This leads to two inconveniences:
  1. QA specialists doesn’t know who to ask if they need some additional info/logs/etc.
  2. Bug reporter is not added as a collaborator to the task, so they are not getting informed when there are any news about the bug they reported.
  • What we think would be awesome is to add an option to forms to create a task on behalf of the reporter. This would solve both problems. We understand that many teams use forms to gather feedback from their customers or other third parties, so we think this should be a matter of choice, for example:
    a) Public form — tasks are created on behalf of Asana
    b) Private (Organization/Team/Project) form — you have to be logged in to fill the form, tasks are created on behalf of those who filled the form.

  • As a workaround we added a field “Your name” to the form, and QA team adds a person who reported a bug to collaborators manually, but it creates additional effort both for QA team and bug reporters.

I think that is the main issue here: forms were created as a was to input data from the outside of Asana. People do use it internally a lot, but you never get to know who they are because of the “public/outside” aspect of forms. Good request!

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