Forms - No option to default to particular Section

Hi Team,

Currently In Forms we do not have a option to default the forms to a particular section.

Use Case : We have a section called “Feedback” and we created a feedback form.

Current Behavior : The task is created outside any section in the list or randomly to the first section. The project owner should move the task to a particular section called “Feedback”

Expected Behavior :
Option to default the section where the feedbacks should be auto populated.

Hi @Gowri_Shankar_RJ,
check this thread Specify Section in form

You need to use “Drop down” in your form and then set up the rule in target project "If this field is XYZ then move task (feedback from teh form) to a section. Check my screen - I have the same :slight_smile:


Thanks @Jan_Rajdl this certainly helps, but I do not have a section to determine.

My scenario is all the forms have to come to come to a particular section always ( independent of dropdown value)

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Yes, it’s more like a workaround which might help. Unfortunately, the option to set a default section is not available now, and I’m not sure it will be.

Thanks @Jan_Rajdl

Will leave to moderator to check and have this small feature in the forms.

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