Forms Managers to Forward to Asana


I would like to know what forms managers people are using that allow forwarding to a project either in basic text as Asana uses or in the form of an attachment PDF. I have used a couple but would like to know if Google forms does this also or an alternative


@James_Carl, me too! I’m crazy about forms workflows – they are such a great option for teams that are new to Asana, need to sync with other tools over time, or just need more structure in their Tasks.

As CSMs, we recommend a flow that uses Google Forms to customers on our Guide, and supports a more complex flow, also built on top of Google Forms.

As always, we’re also interested in what functionality our customers would be looking for from an Asana-cooked Forms integration, too :slight_smile:


@Sara thank you. I think these kinds of topics provide great opportunities to educate workflow processes for Asana users. Any additional illustrations and uses would be great. As I said, I implemented using another form manager for IT Requests.


One of the process owners in our company is using Zendesk forms into ASANA.
So Zendesk is the front page where people can submit a request and it goes into an ASANA project for the work to be done and updated.


How many others use Forms as an integral part of their workflow integrations. And do you use Google Forms as your predominant manager? Sharing with the community the specifics of how you use forms would also be a great addition.


We don’t use form functionality much at all…yet. However I’m working with my department head right now to implement surveys as part of KPIs and right now I’m leaning towards just simple google forms and then have the stuff spit out to an asana feedback project of some kind, using custom fields or what have you - probably will need to use zapier as well.

So the idea is like the form could have the quantitative measurements of like 1-10 scale, the number spits into a custom field (that we can then multi-select for total, etc.), then in the body the qualitative or open ended answers, etc. - so we can discuss each response.


@Caisha Reading some of your posts, I think you would really enjoy this blog and his books.


Thank you! Wow, I love new reading material and this is quite timely - thank you so much!


After review a number of Form packages I think the key is to find a package that allows the sender to be customized other than the Form publisher which of course Google Forms allows in the Email Notification Add-in. This means the ability to capture an email field in the Form that is sent but have an override as to who the Sender is. If this exists than the Sender can be a member of an Asana project thus it should be able to be captured with notification to the Project I.D. number. There are Forms Generators out there that are much more robost in Workflow including approvals etc. I am just learning Google Forms and will also be looking if you can accumulate data for analysis like a survey. All comments to educate us are welcome.


I have also been trying Seems to be highly ranked and have quite a bit more features than Google Forms, of course at a cost, but pretty reasonable. As I mentioned above you do have to make sure the sender is someone in the project explained by this service request in the Notifications section.

Hello James,

Sure, please first access this link:
and enable the “On” option.

Afterwards, please use this data in the SMTP option of the form’s Notifications section:

  • Host:
  • Port: 465
  • Username: your Gmail address
  • Password: your Gmail password
  • Protocol: SSL

Then, you need to click on Test Connection and to enter the code that will arrive in your Gmail account.

Please try and let us know how it works.
Best regards,

Peter Zegheanu
Senior Support Specialist
The 123ContactForm Team


@James_Carl we use Cognito Forms. It’s been a very easy product for us to use. We direct the results and field elements to different Asana projects using Zapier. We have built some forms for our clients to use, and we recently started using their forms for some internal workflows. It’s been very effective.


@tellington Does Cognito allow you to send directly to Asana Project Email without going through Zapier. As I understand it would have to be able to change the sender to a member of the project. Thanks


I don’t believe there is a direct integration, although I’m sure you can use the Asana project’s email to get it show up as a new task. For us, our forms are directly tied to a project and assigned to the project manager.


If you use a project email address Asana has to think it is being emailed
from a member of the project. Zapier apparently solves that, so I am just
trying to figure out how to use Zapier to put the URL in the Description
field of Asana.



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I have been working with to streamline the forms submission process. It now works very well even without Zapier. Using a setting under notification called SMTP I can now tell it to have me be the deemed sender of all form submittals even though it captures the true sender email information. It tabulates all the responses and even has numeric calculated fields. Their are also Zapier zaps. Just adding another option to consider.


Hello from Asana User Experience Research! This week we’re gathering feedback from users who might benefit from using forms within Asana. If you’re interested in sharing your feedback, check out this post for details. Thanks!