Forms: Have template forms copy to projects that use them

I’d love it if the forms I make in a template also show up when I make a new project using that template.

I use Asana to organize my Website Design business, and I rely heavily on the use of templates.

One of the ways I use templates is as an agenda for New Client Meetings. Every time I have a new meeting scheduled, I create a project from that agenda template and I go through every item during the meeting.

There are regular questions I ask my clients to get an idea of their needs for their website project. I was using forms on my site to take the information, so I was super excited to see that now I could attached a form directly to my Asana project.

Unfortunately, since the form doesn’t copy over from the template when I use it to make a new project I would have to make a new form every new meeting. Which obviously isn’t very efficient.

As a work around, I’ll have to stick with the form I set up on my website to take the information. I’d love to be able to eventually have the form information directly in the Asana project so I could have all the information in one place while I write up my proposals.

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