Forms for 3rd Parties

We want to use a form to collect data from 3rd parties. As of now, when they complete the form there is a button that says, “Go to Asana”. Is it possible to remove this button? If not, what does our 3rd party see when they click that button?

Also, what is the max character count for paragraph text?

Hi @Crystal_Alifanow,

It’s not possible to remove that button, unfortunately. For me it showed this page:

I couldn’t find any limits specified; often there aren’t any but it’s hard to say. You might need to just experiment to see (and let us know!).



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I know it’s not ideal or as simple as what you’re trying to accomplish, but you can do this by connecting Airtable and Asana. As Airtable forms are completed and added to the table, they can create a new task in Asana. The Airtable forms would be much more flexible and not lead to a signup button.