Forms - external individual received a submission email

Hi there, have a weird issue. We have an internal form that employees fill out. One of the fields is a text field that asks for an external individual’s email. This was the only field that includes anything related to email. We do not have a separate email for the submitter.

In filling that field out, the person whose email was inputted ended up receiving the copy of the standard “submission has been received” asana do not reply email that you can elect to receive when filling it out. They saw the copy of everything that was submitted. This person is not in our domain and our admin has blocked adding outside domain’s as collaborators

this form has existed since early June with at least one or two daily submissions and this is the only known case of this occurrence. This happened yesterday 8/1.

were there any updates made that we are unaware of that affected this? or any ideas on how to solve?

Much appreciated


Wows that seems random… @Rebecca_McGrath @Marie any idea?

Hi @William_Henderson, thanks for flagging this!

We haven’t received any other reports of this and it is not expected behaviour. I’d suggest you reach out to the Support team with the URL to the task created from the Form so our team can look into this further for you.

Thanks, Will do!

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