FORMS - Default parameters for fields

This is really important for forms… it will save us a lot of time and entry on the backend if we can setup certain forms to auto-fill data that is typical for that type of request.

For example, there are certain things I would like to set on the form level, that the users can’t change:

Type: Request
Year: 2019
Team: TV
Report: Yes

While that’s just 4 fields that I could think of off the top of my head, it would save me from having to set those 4 fields for each request I receive since they will always be set to those 4 items.

These fields should have the ability to be hidden from the form, but they should also have the ability to be shown or not show in the submission (description).

While slightly different than default parameters, we could use some form items that are just for information. In other words, they display info to the form submitter, but they aren’t actionable or fillable. Maybe it’s instructions, or something else. So while not really a default item, it’s similar.