Forms being able to branch out to other forms


I am trying to use Asana as a ticketing system across our department. Our department is in charge of different operations, therefore, one of the features I had asked about in the Asana forum community is whether 1 “general form” can be linked to multiple forms. For instance, I would like to have 1 general project board for our department, and then other Operation-specific project boards. In the general project board, I would like to have a form that asks general questions, but one of the questions will be, “What operation is impacted?”. Then, depending on the answer to that question, the form will go to the other operation-specific form. Ultimately, the feature that I am looking for is being able to add a task to multiple project boards, based on the operation impacted (ex. if Operation Impacted was selected as “Operation A” on the General form, then the task will show up in Operation A’s project board.

I had already posted about this feature in the forum, and was able to determine that I can use custom rules to “add task to project” (I have a Business level subscription). This definitely does take care of my general ask, but I found that the task fields are a bit complicated (more info on why the task fields doesn’t end up working out when using the “add task to project” can be found in here . Essentially, I wanted to have it set up so that tasks that do move to Operation A’s board will only have task fields that are relevant to Operation A. However, this is not possible since the task fields on the general project board have to be “global” fields (company library) so that they can be linked from project board to project board. Ultimately, I asked “Is there a way to have it set up so that tasks that go to Operation A will only see task fields that are related to Operation A?” and the answer I got was that, no, this is not possible with custom global fields. (see the link to the forum for more info).

Bottom line, I think this would be a much more straightforward/efficient process if we were able to link forms to other forms. Kinda like the branching feature for the questions on the form, but instead, we can link a form answer to another form. So if a question asks, which operation is impacted, and the drop down options are Operation A and Operation B, if Operation A gets selected, it would automatically take you to Operation A’s Form.

Do you think something like this could be implemented in the future?



Interesting use case, you described it very thoroughly. Do you have to map to custom fields? Having the answers in the task description is not sufficient in your case?

I doubt Asana will give you an answer, they never comment the roadmap. I personally don’t believe your problem will be solved anytime soon because it involves the core of how forms and custom fields work.