Forms Available on Premium According to Documentation

Update after chat with RJ in Sales. He says, “So, forms was a Business feature but its rolling out to the Premium tier. It should be fully available on the 17th.”

Asana documentation at says that Forms are available to Premium accounts:

I have a Premium account. When I try to access forms, I see this [“Upgrade to Business”]:

Which is it?

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Hi @Angie_Canon :wave:t3:

Yes, we’re bringing Forms to Premiums users :slight_smile: I was about to make the announcement, but you’ve been quicker :running_woman:t2:We’re rolling this update progressively (it was just enabled today to 25% of our users) but it will soon be available to every Premium users, so don’t worry it will soon be available to you too! Watch out for an announcement with all details later today!

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