Forms - Allow to upload multiple files in one Attachement field

I am in the process of creating a registration form, however we need our registrants to be able to upload their logos. From what I am seeing, it looks like you can only upload one file at a time in the “attachment” questions.

Is there a workaround for this other than having to have multiple “attachment” questions?

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I haven’t found a way to do this either. It wastes so much space on the form!

We ended up just putting 5 attachment spaces and the last one says to email any additional attachments if needed.

Not a very elegant solution.

Thanks for flagging this @Chandler_Ferguson and @Adam_Thiel,

i’ve moved this thread to the #productfeedback to allow you and other Forum Members to vote for this feature and for our Team to consider adding it in future updates. I’ve also slightly edited the title to make more discoverable for other users; hope that’s ok!

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Thanks Marie

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Add multiple files to the ‘attachments’ field
Needing to add an entire second field for another file makes this functionality sort of un-useable. When on boarding a new project and collecting all the relevant samples, files, so forth - there are almost never only one or two files that need attaching.

Thank you for continuing to innovate! Forms, timelines, dashboards - all of these are the types of things that we are hoping for from Asana. When these three things reach maturity this platform will have really met its potential. So excited to hear about how these things are developing.

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Agreed, we need this feature.

Adding a vote to the list. This would be great, I don’t mind a limit on the total size of attachments, but having more than one is easier than instructing clients to zip all of their files together before uploading.

Adding relevant documentation to a task when submitting a form is very limited with the 1 attachment limit. At least half of the tasks we make require either several screenshot, or both screenshots and text documentation that are too long/complex to be described in a regular textfield.

Also, the way that screenshots are attached could be better. Having to save a screenshot as a file locally before submitting it is an unnecessary hassle that could be avoided, if it was possible to use Ctrl+V to paste them in. This would also open up for the possibility of using extensions such as Lightshot and the like easier.

Hi @Flemming_Larsen :wave: Thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us! I totally hear you!

There is an existing thread requesting this functionality, so to avoid duplications, I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this main thread. I hope It’s OK.

And while I don’t have any information to share at the moment, I’ll make sure to keep you posted on this thread as soon as I have an update on my end!

Have a great Monday! :slight_smile:

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This will be very helpful for our org, too. Thanks for allowing feedback and for prioritizing this additional functionality.

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Hello Natalia - Any updates on this yet?

Welcome to the Forum @Ava_Ammsso :wave:

I don’t have any updates to share regarding this request but as soon as I do, I’ll make sure to share it wit you in this thread!

Have a great day!

Great. Thank you!

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Chiming in. This is a needed feature within forms. Thanks!

Bumping this thread for visibility of the upload issue

Hi everyone! :wave:

Hope you’re all keeping well! Just a quick note to let you know that this feature has been launched recently and you can now select the option to allow multiple files in one attachment field :tada:

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 13.57.33

I hope this helps and thanks again for your votes here!

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