[Forms] Ability to manage Forms permissions

That is a very good point! I am sure there is a way, with Rules, to identify spam bot because they would not select the right value. For example you could have a custom field “Are you a robot?” and put “Yes” and “No”. There is a good chance bots will either take the first answer or not answer, and then with a rule you could clean up the mess. (that is just a workaround)

Good point! That should be a dedicated request here in the forum.

If there was perhaps a way to simply put a passcode in front of the form. What would already help a lot. As only internal team members will know what the passcode is. And this code we can rotate on a month/weekly basis.

Shall I create a topic for this?

I also don’t understand why there is no way to add permissions to editing forms. I just created our first form and did a training on how to use and have already had one person go in and try to submit their form from the editing section. This seems like an easy fix to a frustrating and common problem.

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I mean it was literally three minutes after I finished our first training on it, which tells me it is probably going to start happening a minimum of once every day :rofl:


I’m part of those that have fallen victim to team members attempting to populate forms from the editor instead of the public link :man_facepalming:

I agree with a lot of the points above and believe that Form permissions and/or defaulting the Form tab to be an embedded live form rather that the editor would prevent unintentional (or intentional) tamping of forms.

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This is not meant as an excuse for not having form permissions, but more as an explanation: remember that when Asana built the forms capability, their focus was that forms were a way for people outside of an Asana organization to submit requests, etc. (That’s also why there’s no way to authenticate a form submitter to an Asana user - well, without using Flowsana, which can do that :wink:.) From this perspective, people accidentally trying to fill out from the editor wouldn’t be an issue since outsiders can’t access the form editor.

I have no inside info but I suspect that as the Asana folks discover that more and more customers are finding forms to be valuable for submissions by people within the organization, they will add features which support that use case.

@Phil_Seeman :100:% see your point and agree that given the initial intent for outside input, this would be a non-issue. I, too, believe that the use of forms have evolved - to a point where it is occasionally a preferred point of entry for information, for members of a project. Task templates and the ability to duplicate these are great, but for some use cases the form makes more sense. Plus, there are times where the “insiders” have a voice when seeking outsider input through forms.

All that to say, you are right! … and I hope that as forms is more broadly adopted that the purpose and intent evolves. I’m confident that it will! :wink: - it’s the reason the #productfeedback category exists! :raised_hands:

I definitely agree and would bet on the product team not having anticipated such adoption from within!

This is definitely something that needs to be addressed I have to fix my form a few times a month due to users editing the form when they need to be filling it out. The make the project comment only is too broad as we would need members to be able to do more than comment on the jobs within the project.

Please add my vote to this topic @Emily_Roman. I’d love to be able to have more control in locking down the form. As it stands, I don’t use forms because it’s just to open for editing/submission.

Thanks for your feedback, @Diane_Martinez! You can add your vote clicking the purple “Vote” option at the top of this thread! Thanks

Oops missed it this far down. Thanks, @Emily_Roman

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I’m moving my company over from Trello and my biggest concern is someone typing into the form editor as opposed to clicking on the link. I have set up a landing page that has links to where they’d fill out a form depending on what the request is (digital, creative, content, communications) but still, telling a group of people to please not even bother clicking on the form tab and just use the landing page i set up is asking for someone to click the form tab. I’ve voted for this.

You could hide away the form project with only you as a member, and reroute any incoming submission into a more public project.