Formatting Request - Approvals - Font Color

Tl;DR - Would like approved tasks to retain a black font (or at the very least a darker font than rejected tasks)

Currently testing out the business tier and playing around with approvals.

In my use case, I am managing subcontractor bids

  • Parent Task > Type of Bid
  • Subtasks > Subcontractors in the bidding process > these house PDFs and other related docs

I love the idea of approvals (and a keyboard shortcut to convert tasks into them?) very much. Naturally fits into my workflow.

That said, I house the documents that I will actively reference going forward within the “approved” subtask. So in my mind thats a living and breathing task.

But the task visually feels “dead” or like not to be interacted with somehow due to the font turning grey (like a completed task).

If I were designing it I would go with the below:

Approved - black or dark grey font
Changes requested - black (bc this item isnt completed if changes are required)
Rejected - light grey

Understand that my use case is not everyones, and designing optionality throughout the product is not feasible.

But just wanted to share in case anyone else felt this might be a good design change.

Thanks :pray: