Format Bar scroll

When writing in the task description a long text, the Format bar is not shown until you scroll down. this is annoying as when adding or typing in the upper section, one cannot use the format tab until scrolling down to the tab, but than the text intended for the format change is not seen

Welcome to the Forum @Tal_Koren1 and thank you for reaching out!

I was trying to reproduce this on my end but it seems to work fine for me. Would you mind trying the following steps to see if this issue gets resolved:

  • Update your browser to the latest version
  • Clear your browser’s history/cache/cookies

If the issue persists, would you mind testing it in a different browser or an incognito windows to see if you can also reproduce this behaviour? If yes, a screenshot of what you are seeing would .be super helpful.

Thank you @Tal_Koren1! Looking forward to your reply!

Thanks, please see short video
This was recorded on Full Screen, which is not the mode I usually view Asana tickets, hence making the issue even more relevant- I have to scroll down for the Edit bar, do the changes needed, without seeing its effect on the text I’m adding those onto