Force use of templates


Hi Community,

I would like to be able to force users to choose a template from a predefined (by me) list. The idea is that i want users to go through a list of task every time they create a projekt.

If this is already possible, sorry, somebody tell how.



Hi @Peter_Skjoldager

This is indeed possible for Premium users! Here are the instructions:

If you don’t have a premium account, you could always create a project with [Template] in the title, and ask users to copy the project each time.


Hi @Mark_Hudson,

It might be me, but i do not see the option to remove the “blank” option for users?



Hey Peter, you cannot remove someone’s ability to create a project - because some people create projects for private things above other reasons.

On the checklist front, could you elaborate what you would like to see? That might help Asana when they review this request - also be sure to vote for it at the top! =)