Force Subtask Completion to Complete Head Task

Is there any chance to make the completion of the mother task dependant on the completion of all subtasks? Some way so that the assignee cannot mark the assigend task off until they have completed all subtasks…

Thanks everybody!

Hi @Malte and welcome to the forum :wave:,

Great question! Asana just came out with automations and depending on your subscription level you may be able to now set up a custom automation for this. Additionally, with the Flowsana integration ( you may be able to set up the rule. @Marie or @Phil_Seeman may be able to provide more information for you.


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Hi @Malte!

Unfortunately there’s no current way to accomplish this using either Asana or Flowsana rules. It’s something on the list of features to possibly add to Flowsana, but not in the immediate future.

There is an existing forum request to add this feature to Asana; you can add your vote for it here:

cc: @Katie_Reynolds