For someone who has access to the new Collapsible Sections

For You beta users or the lucky ones the rollout has been completed to for the Sections Update.

Is Collapsible sections available in SubTasks?

I am setting up a Booking Calendar in Asana and trying to work out the best way to have recurring events in the Calendar view but not clogging up the Task Window.

Also is there a limit to the number of Sub Tasks that you can have?



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Hi @Jason_Woods,

Collapsible sections only apply to task sections, not subtask separators, and there’s no limit to the number of subtasks, as far as I know, though I suppose there could be a performance issue at some point.

Hope that helps!


Thanks @lpb that is a shame subtasks separators aren’t included in that. Will just have to move the SubTasks to the bottom of the list…


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