for Rules, add action "Not Completed" or "Mark as Not Completed"

I love the new Rules feature. I have added a bunch of Rules that allow me to automatically have tasks’ Task Progress field be adjusted according to what Column of a board they are moved to, and a special rule that marks a task as Completed if it is moved to the Done column, or if its Task Progress field is set to Done.

Unfortunately, there is no way to do the converse; that is, if I accidentally move a task to Done and it is marked Completed automatically, and then I move the task back to another column, or change its Task Progress to something other than Done, I cannot add a rule to remove the Completed checkmark.

This is a rather glaring omission. If you can perform an action to mark as Completed, there ought to be a similar action to set to “not Completed”.

For reference, this feature request/bug is somewhat related to

This feature request/bug is also a small subset of my bigger feature request to allow Boolean logic in Rules:

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