Font Updated? It's great, Love it!


Today I feel something new on the UI, is the font updated? Or maybe I’m in a testing version… well on my mac the result is wonderful and crisp.
So thank you ASANA, my eyes rejoyce!


I know for me a few months ago they changed the color of the font (maybe the font too…) to more white, not the grey-ish one. It took me a few weeks to warm up to it, lol. I don’t know if you got a change on top of that, or if the roll out hit you now - but it’s definitely crisper.

It was a bit harsh on the eyes though, quite a difference to the one prior!

Anyone else get a font change?


I got one, too-- found my way here when I was looking online to see whether I was crazy!


now I’m nervous! What if I wasn’t part of the change and new things are on the horizon x.x

new things make me nervous :eyes: :eyes: