Font Change Issue


Hi Support,

How can I change my Asana default font back to what it was? (The font has changed by itself overnight and is now small and less easy to read). See detailed testing / explanation below.

I have 2 different Asana accounts and found this morning when logging into one that the default font has changed overnight.

I have checked this account on different computers to confirm it’s not chrome, windows or the laptop itself causing the font issue.

I have also tested by logging into each account from the same computer (and same browser), ie; simply logging out of one account and logging into the other.

In all testing, one account has the same font as before, whilst the other account has a new font as of today.

I have attached a screenshot that confirms this font change (top picture is original font, bottom picture is new font).


I’m seeing the same thing here, as of this morning. Asana is now using Segoe UI as the font throughout the interface, which has left some text looking misaligned (Segoe seems to have a different baseline position) and harder to read.

I have a colleague who began seeing this on 4th May, but it only just switched for me.

Not sure if this is an intentional change or a bug, but inspecting the page shows this is being directed by the site’s own stylesheets, it’s not a browser issue:

I hope this is a bug as the old font looked better.


I just got the update today. The font is much less readable and I have good eyesight. I don’t want to just make it bigger, or zoom in or whatever, because it’s just less comfortable to read than the old one. Can you make it an option or something? Or tell us where to find it if it is one?


I also got the update today. Since you can change the background image of the interface in your profile settings (display tab) it’d be cool if you could change the font there. I liked the old one better…


Agreed w/ @Sina_Busch. While I like that the font is more narrow–it is more difficult to read.


I agree with the other comments. The font is not as easy to read now.


Yep, same here. I’m a heavy Asana user and I have been having trouble reading the new font, on my retina screen. I found the previous typeface easier to read/scan.


Well, I got the update today. I don’t dislike it, I agree though that some customization would be nice if available in settings to revert or augment a bit the new size, as some of us are already over 40 :slight_smile:


Hi All,

I spoke with Asana support a few weeks ago, and they spoke with the Product
Managers there, their response on why the font changed is below -

Hi Paul,

Thanks for writing in. There is no way to revert back to the old font.

For some context, Asana used to be displayed in a custom font that we hand
selected for our application.

We changed the font to your browser’s default font that comes packaged with
the browser.

Our PM just got back to me and told me that the font we used to use is
called Proxima Nova.

This was in an effort to improve performance of Asana.



The new font sucks. It actually makes my tasks look messier. It’s much less easier to scan and read in general.

Being in tech I totally understand the need to change or brand, but I actually think this new font has a significant impact on the userability of Asana. It’s amazing how simple can make a product actually frustrating.

Please give us an option to move back or just remove.


It must be saving like fractions of a second in terms of actual performance
by not loading one whole font file and displaying the browser UI default or
whatever… But I can say with certainty it’s adding on minutes to my
productivity just by being smaller and less readable. So the intention of
the optimization/performance improvement is kind of wasted…

Surely it can’t be that hard to have an option in the display settings for
the asana font (even say may affect performance) or the system default?


I figured out a workaround using Firefox. Under OPTIONS, you can change your default font to whatever you’d like, including the original Proxima Nova. The trick is, you need to DESELECT the “allow websites to choose their own fonts, instead of your selections above”.

This will change all the fonts in Asana. However, it also applies the same font on ALL other websites as well. So it’s not a perfect solution, but it might be worthwhile if you’re OK with using Chrome for everything else, and Firefox ONLY for Asana. So far, I haven’t noticed any performance issues.