"Following" Tasks by Default



Is there a way to give a user functionality where they automatically follow all newly created tasks within a project or team?


No there isn’t. When I get asked about this feature, I tell them to do the following instead.

  • When you create a Task be sure to add the followers that you believe are valuable.
  • Add yourself to the Projects you are concerned about. You will get notices about new Tasks. Look out for these new Task notices and add yourself to the ones you want to follow.

Not exactly what you are looking for, but I think it’s the best way to work around it.


this suggested solution does not address the issue. Consider a manager who is responsible for all tasks of a subordinate (example intern, co-op student etc.). You may want to follow all tasks of a team member, manually selecting particular tasks to follow misses the entire point of productivity software which is process automation.


The original poster wanted to automatically follow all Tasks in a Project. But it sounds like you are asking to follow all Tasks of a user, specifically a user that is a direct report.

I would suggest a different work around for this. Perform a search for all Tasks assigned to a user. Then save the search as a report and you can refer to it as often as needed. If you have more than one user you need to track, you can run the search for multiple assignees or save a report for each assignee.

Yes, this isn’t exactly what you want, but a way to get it done, while the feature doesn’t exist. To that end, you can request additional product functionality in the Product Feedback category.