Followers vs Collaborators

Hello everyone,

I can’t seem to find this distinction through the forums or the API documentation. I notice that when I search for collaborators in the API documentation there is no mention of it, however on the website you can add ‘followers’ but no mention of ‘collaborators’. I could just be overlooking this entirely somewhere. It is my current understanding that collaborators are only notified of changes, while collaborators are able to update or modify the task. I am asking mostly in part because I want to add/remove collaborators through the API but it only mentions collaborators. Is there a distinction between the two? Is it possible to do both through the API if there is a difference? I would appreciate any insight on the issue.

Welcome, @Dillon_McQuerry,

Followers = Collaborators. Collaborators was the old term, and Collaborators is the new term.

Sometimes documentation updates lag the code changes.

Ideally, documentation would initially include references like “Collaborators (formerly Collaborators) …” to eliminate reasonable misunderstandings like yours.


Thanks for the clarification, I noticed that when adding or removing a ‘collaborator’ through the API this was done as a collaborator on the website. I just wanted to make sure this understanding was correct

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