Follow Up Tasks - Nowhere to be seen

Guys, so I am experimenting the follow up tasks. I create them all right, fill the form, confirm and get a message saying it was created. If I click the link in the message I see the task editor with the follow up task. But then, after I close it, the follow up is nowhere to be seen. What can I be doing wrong ?

Hi @Ricardo_Ribeiro

So when you create follow up Task you will get the following screen.

If you click on the “Create Task” button as is it will be found in your My Tasks view in the Recently Assigned section at the top.

You say you clicked on the Linked Task now I did that and as you say it took me there when I closed out of the linked task it did take me back to the Followup Task. But you have to click on the Create Task for the task to actually be created.

Hope this helps…


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Hi Jason! Thanks for your help. Indeed the follow up tasks are in My Tasks. Just found them there. Thing is, because I am the only user, I don’t use the My Tasks. They are all mine :slight_smile: So I guess there isn’t a way to show the follow up tasks in List mode?

Hi @Ricardo_Ribeiro

Yes there is in my screen shot it shows the project. If you click on that and then select the project you want it to appear in.

Hope this helps.