Follow-up Tasks from Right Pane > Snooze function



Sometimes I need to check if a “commenter” replies to me in a x time and to be alerted if “commenter” doesn’t replied.
When I work in GMAIL I use the function “snooze” of the Chrome extension Streak: I set when I need the reply (2 days, 1 hour, a date, …) and if no reply comes, that email appear in Inbox set as unread.

Today I check the function in beta “Follow-up Tasks from Right Pane” but it’s simply a “wizard” to
create a new task.

What I purpose for Asana:

  • a Snooze function
  • clicking on we can set a date/time (11/01/2018 18:37) or a time period (3 days)
  • a new menu voice named “snoozed”
  • when the task hasn’t comments, a notification appear (in “snoozed”)
  • you may add that user may set to receive via email the “snoozed” notification too