Follow up task from Inbox


I just tried the “create reminder task from inbox” feature.

I can see how it might work. But right now the reminder task is just created without the possibility to add a due date.

If you use the My Task view in “incomplete” mode it would probably work. But i use the “my task” view sorted by due date, so when i create an “reminder” it is added to the bottom of my task and i might never see it again.

Sp please add the possibility of setting a due date/time for the reminder task that are created from the inbox.



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Thanks for this feedback, Peter. I use the reminder task from inbox feature on a daily basis! I find it quite helpful so my interest was peaked when I read your post. I actually like that my follow up tasks are added to the top of the My Tasks list. It means I’m forced to categorize them, add a due date, and hold myself accountable. What do you mean when you say “added to the bottom of My Tasks and I might never see it again?” As you can see, I experience the opposite.

Hi @Alexis

I completely agree that the idea that “new tasks” are show at the top is good.

The problem is that this “feature” is only available in “My Task” when using the “incomplete tasks” view.

I know you guys at Asana prefers the “incomplete tasks” view, but so far i prefere the “task by due date” view. In this scenario - since i am unable to add a due date to the reminder when i create it - it goes to the bottom “my Tasks” under “no project”.

This would only be somewhat annoying (but still annoying) if i were able to switch to my task view and find the new “reminder” task in the bottom, but since Asana (probably for good reasons) does not load all task in my task view instantly, i must scroll down - wait - scroll down wait - find new task - add due date.

So a first idea would be to add the possibility to add due date when creating the reminder. (please also add that in the e-mail task creation)

A second complementary - that would also be beneficial in other scenarios, like the e-mail task creation scenario - would be to add the ability to show “new” tasks at the top of “my Task” also when in “sort by due date”.

A third scenario is me switching to “incomplete” view :slight_smile:


I have the hack enabled but don’t see how any additional features from my inbox. I actually LIVE in Asana’s inbox so this would be extremely helpful for me.

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I am having the same issue. I am not sure what has changed with this new feature being enabled.