Follow-up on unresolved comments made by others

We are working with external contractors (guests on our account) to manage several projects. My colleagues have added questions to tasks via comments and tagged the contractors, but the contractors are not always following up in a timely manner.

Is there a way for me to automatically flag these unresolved comments? On one hand, a rule that automatically follows up after a certain number of days with no reply could work (though I don’t believe that rule functionality exists), but some comments are just that - comments that don’t require a reply.

As a workaround right now, I’ve created a custom field (values= “Unresolved” or “Resolved”) and manually tagged all of these cases so that I can roll them up into a report. I could manually create a follow-up task but still manual and not as easily reportable. Any better ideas of how to keep track of unresolved comments made by others?

Your suggestions are good ones, but I think I’d recommend one of the following first:

  1. Assign the question in a subtask to the contractor with a due date, or
  2. Toggle the overall task assignee to the contractor, if appropriate, to indicate the ball is in their court.




I created an “F” report, where I tagged the task with an “F” and would run the report. I automatically see the Fs in each project as I skim through them daily as well. It’s important to always “@” the subcontractor, and ask them to acknowledge you with a thumb. (just sharing how I have solved the same problem and in your case, probably a people problem). I have many comments to others that I dont need to create a subtask for, or a task.

Good points, @jbirkes, thanks.

Another alternative to tagging would be to multi-home tasks into a “Follow-up” project, perhaps private, with a recurring task to review it weekly or other appropriate cadence.