Follow Everything?

Is there a setting where one user follows all tasks and subtasks by default. We use a project manager to monitor and report on all projects at all levels. Manually assigning this user as a follower for every task and subtask is tedious.

There is not a way to do this in Asana.

The best workaround I can suggest is run a report everyday for newly created Tasks, select all of them, and then add the follower to all of the selected Tasks.

(@Phil_Seeman, this sounds like it could be a good feature for Flowsana to consider?)

It’s a good idea; the catch is that Asana’s API works on a per-project basis for being notified of events that occur, and also doesn’t have a way to be notified when a new project is added. So while not impossible, it’s difficult to implement something like this across all projects in a whole workspace/organization, which is what would be needed here.