Foldable subtasks

Dear Asana team,

It would be really helpful to introduce foldable / unfoldable subtasks in List project view, especially for large longterm projects where milestones are used.
Also the ability to create a subtask by pressing Enter when under a parent task in the List.

Attached is an example of such project where if colour-marked subtasks were foldable, people like project managers would get a perfect high-level view, and developers could unfold and see the details they need. Thus, a single view would serve all.

It would also remove two UI/UX user un-friendly and time-consuming issues:

1. The need go into each subtask and add them to the project manually (as default, when created they are not assigned to any project).

2. Currently, if subtasks are only inside the parent task (hidden, not assigned to project), to see subtask details a user needs to go into task, then into subtask details, which switches the subtask into fullscreen view and is unhandy.

I believe thousands of users and numerous teams using Asana not only in software development would really appreciate the possibility to fold / unfold subtasks.

Thank you!

Best regards,

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