Focus Mode - next task

Focus mode should automatically move to the next task when you complete the current task. There should also be buttons for next task and previous task.
Without these simple features you have to exit out of the current task after completing it and then go back into focus mode on the next task manually, thus disrupting your focus. It’s counterproductive.

Hello? Any product people have any feedback on this?

Have you seen the Asana vision video? Justin Rosenstein lays out their plan for the future, and it includes exactly the kind of focused viewpoint you’re describing. Check it out if you haven’t yet:

Thanks for the heads up on that video. The focus mode he showed would be great! I’m a little disappointed that this was made almost two years ago but the focus mode today is not as portrayed. Honestly all they need is a “next task” button. That would get us 90% of the way there. I hope someone can fit this in a sprint.