Flowsana. Two rules for two projects.

My task is placed in two projects: Project №1 and Project №2.

I created the first Rule №1 for Project №1: If a task is put in the ‘In progress’ column/section, then set its custom field ‘Status’ to a value of ‘In progress’.

The second Rule №2 for Project №2: If a task has custom field ‘Status’ set to a value of ‘In progress’, then put it in the ‘In progress’ column/section.

If the the custom field ‘Status’ changed to a value of ‘In progress’ by the Rule №1, the Rule №2 doesn’t work and the task doesn’t move to the ‘In progress’ column/section. But if I set its custom field ‘Status’ to a value of ‘In progress’ manually in Project №1, then the Rule #2 works perfectly.

What do I do wrong?

Hi @Alexander_Zagumenov,

I just sent you a reply to your Flowsana support ticket, but basically what it said was: Flowsana evaluates rules in the order they were created. In this case, most likely your rule for project #2 was created prior to the rule for project #1. If you remove the project #2 rule and add it back again now, things should work as you expect.

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