Flowsana rules not working


I recently changed the name of one of the projects that has a series of Flowsana rules set up in it.

I refreshed the data and project templates from Asana and even reconnected the Asana account to include the new team that I moved the board to. All information is showing correctly under My Workflows, but the rules aren’t firing.

Any advice? @Phil_Seeman

Hi @Angela_Richard!

The best thing to do is if you can go to help.flowsana.net, click on “Submit a Request”, and in your message, include a link to the project in question. (To get the link, “Copy Project Link” is in the dropdown menu just to the right of the project name in Asana.) We can then check into it and get back to you - thanks!

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Thanks, @Phil_Seeman! Submitting the request now.

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