First day of the week

Yes please make Monday the first day of the week! And add presets, so that we don’t have to change that all the time. That would be awesome!!! )

Will you please give us the ability to change the start days for a week? Our organization starts a work week on Mondays, so we need a calendar view that goes from Monday through Sunday.

Thank you

I’d also like Monday as first day of week on all views. (Sweden). Thanks!

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finally! after few years this feat is released :slight_smile:

It is? I am not seeing it.




I can’t see this option yet… @Alexis is this rolled out to everyone?

Please make it possible to change first day of week. We start week on Saturday.

Hey @Tom_Suberg/ @David_Kinoranyi/@Johannes_Deml/@Farsan_Maheronnaghch/@iftach/@Oren/@Pauline_Sonmereyn/ @treszy/ @Shelly_Yair/ @Lola/ @Niklas/ @Simonas/ @Daniel_Liska/ @Ron_van_Rooij/ @Luka_Princic/ @Bridget_Lee/ @Zura_Jijavadze/ @Ivan_Buyavets/ @Mario_Dederichs/ @Samuel_Lehotsky/ @Vit_Pejcoch/ @Cyrille/ @Roman_Firnkranz/ @CJ_Knight/ @Ruth_Lund/ @Tom_Suberg/ @M11

Michael from Asana here!

Congrats @Mikolaj, you caught this update first :slight_smile:

Our team of developers have integrated your feedback by enabling you to select a “First day of the Week” in your Personal Account Settings!

Currently this is only available for around half of our users (as we AB test to ensure smooth sailing prior to a 100% launch) though we hope to roll this out to all our members in the very near future!

Thank you all again for sharing your feedback on this feature. It’s really helped us fine tune how we can adjust Asana features that our members all over the world ask for.


It would be nice to have an option in settings to have weeks go Monday-Sunday instead of Sunday-Saturday.

Just saw this :slight_smile: they are probably rolling this slowly

When will the UK have this feature? :frowning:

Hey @Michael_A,

any idea when you will roll it out for the rest?


When the Monday feature will be available in Belgium ?

Hey @Lillian_Chan, @Tom_Suberg, @Benoit_Laurent

We’re rolling this feature out slowly to make sure we don’t don’t run into any unforeseen problems. Trust that that this feature will be available very soon!.

@Lillian_Chan, @Tom_Suberg, @Benoit_Laurent

Quick update; we’ve released this feature to 100% of all our members!

Thanks for your patience throughout this rollout :slight_smile:


Hi! Can’t find where to change first day of the week on the app?

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Hi @Natalia_Sushchenko!

This is only able to be changed via your desktop browser & not via the Asana app.

Hope this helps @Natalia_Sushchenko!