Finding tasks that have an assignee


Hi there,

I wanted to list all Tasks that have an assignee.
Is there a way or a trick to do this?


Are you looking for all tasks assigned to someone specifically or just all tasks assigned to someone in general?


Just in general


Does this not work anymore?


Yes but I need all task that have the status “assigned” no matter if they are assigned to me or not.
“Not me” is bringing up the task with no assigned, too.


Correct, but you can sort that list by Assignee and the "no assigned” with drop to the bottom of the sorted list! :wink:


Yes, I saw that thanks!
I wanted to know if there’s another possibility because I can only sort it by Assignee OR Due Date.


I see. I’ll post a Product Feedback topic suggesting a “Not these people” option as an additional Advanced Search filter so that you can sort the results by Due Date.