Find / locate / highlight current task when responding to email

We usually use the “Board” layout for tasks. In many cases, we have a fairly large number of tasks in a column, so you’ll need to scroll to find the task you’re looking at.

When I get an email from the system, inviting me to comment on a task, I often write a comment, then close the task. At that point, I can never find it.

  • It’s not highlighted, at least, not in any way I can see.
  • It’s often not visible because it’s scrolled off the page.

So I use the Asana or browser find function to locate it. This comes up every day for me.

Suggestion: When the user opens up a detail like this, and then closes it, make sure it’s visible, and highlight it. As others have recommended, I would use more contrast in highlighting it.

Thank you.

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