'Find and Replace' for Templates



Having an editable field, or a ‘find and replace’ component would go a long way to easing the project set-up burden.

I use a few templates regularly. Those templates have ~45-50 tasks, each needing to be personalized for the project. My individual team members will be on 4-5+ of these projects at a time, so they may have 4-5+ “Review Script” tasks. We mitigate potential confusion by adding in the project name. eg: “Review React Native Script” or “Review ES2016 Script”

A ‘Find and Replace’ option when setting up Templates would be amazing.



I have some tasks that have long sub-task lists. I am promoting what I can to task status, where the project is identified in the task list on the task’s line, but I’ve also discovered that, if I put a a word or symbol in the template’s task name that I can find to replace, it’s possible to

  1. copy and paste a list of sub-tasks into Word, or another text editor,
  2. ‘find and replace’
  3. paste those tasks back into that list as a group.

This depends on having a word or symbol in the template’s task name that you can find to replace in the list.

Works best if all the sub-tasks are under one task, so are in one list. I don’t know what this would do to sub-sub tasks…

Depending on the structure of your template, this might be a helpful work around until the feature is available.


Thanks for the shortcut! Definitely helpful for some repetition, but in other case I lose “assigned to” and/or due dates. 6 of one, 1/2 a dozen of the other I suppose.


Dependencies and other things like tags are also lost. I really wish Asana would address this obvious omission - would think it can’t be that hard to implement? I’ve tried some Chrome extensions that add find/replace functionality, but they don’t work with Asana, I’m guessing because the tasks are data entry fields?


Yes Please ! same here !

And also hava an option to NOT post them as “NEW TASKS” on every assigned coworkers My tasks taskslist ( some tasks are allready poitned out on a date and there’s no reason to flood this persons “NEW TASKS” list


Please, please, please implement “find and replace” function :pray: