Final Copy Approval - Check Box or Approval Button



Hello, has anyone figured out a way to use Asana for final approved ad copy? For example, I’d to get some kind of confirmation that my ad copy has been approved and ready for publication. I’d also like to document that the account rep approved the copy. Has anyone figured this out?


Hi @Chris_Coxen, great question! At Asana, what we typically do is create a subtask for “Copy Review” or “Copy Approval” under the main task for creating the copy. To explain a little further, you would be assigned the main task of “Creating Ad Copy” and create a subtask within that task for “Copy Approval” and assign it the person reviewing. Then, once you are done creating the copy, you can leave a comment to let the approver know they can look it over. They would check the task off as complete once they’re done and your copy has been approved and documented!