Filtering Tasks

Is there any ability to apply more than one filter when looking at a project? I’d like to be able to see items due this week AND use a custom filter at the same time however the filter feature seems pretty limited.

No @Kiernan_McCullough that is not available as yet. There is a sorting product feedback post that you can up vote.


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As @Jason_Woods mentioned, you can add your vote and comment to this thread.

One workaround to achieve what you are looking for is to filter Task by Custom Field and then Sort those Task by due date.

Another workaround could be to create an Advanced Search to view all tasks in a specific project filtered by due date and adding a specific Golbal Custom Field Filter ( does not apply for local ones). You can then save that Search as Report to use it regularly.

You can find more information about using Advanced Search as Reports in the following article:

I hope this helps! Have a great Tuesday!