Filtering card comments

I’d like to be able to filter the comments on individual cards.

Here’s the use case.
I support 40 customers.
We have a task that applies to 35 customers.
Each customer has a board.
I raise 1 card with the details of the task, but I cannot assign it to 35 projects because of the limit on the number of projects that can be added to a card.
So instead, I add it to one board, and we update progress with each customer as separate comments in the card.
What we need then is to filter the comments on a specific customer name.

I imagine the solution to be like this;
Each comment in the card contains the customes’ name as a string in the text.
I open the card, and at the top of the comments section is a “search” box.
I can type the customer’s name into the search box and all the comments that do not contain that string are filtered out.

Why not have 35 tasks? What’s the benefit of having a single task for various clients?

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I also wonder if your clients are okay with this, because I can imagine some might get annoyed by notifications in their Asana inbox for updates that are not relevant for them.
And everybody would also know who your other clients are.

You can assign task copies in bulk, for more info see here.

Because I’d have to create 35 cards.
If I can have 1 card and assign it to multiple customers, then I don’t have to raise 35 cards.

Ooo, I wasn’t aware of “assign tasks copies” that’s useful, but not in this case.
There are only 2 assignees in our team.
But we measure on “project” which is our customer’s board.
So we’ll have a single task that affects multiple customers.
The task will be managed by a single assignee, but it will be delivered for multiple customers (projects).