Filterable custom field data


We currently use a ‘Time spent’ custom field to record all product development time. People update this field as their development progresses over a period of months. What I’d like to be able to do is narrow this down a bit to see, for example, all time that was recorded per project in the previous month. That would give us a really useful picture of trends over time, especially in our team’s monthly reports.

I know this can easily be done in Harvest or other integrations, but I’d love to be able to do it directly in Asana using a filter in Advanced Search.


So you basically want to sum up a custom field and get a sum per project? Did I get it right?


Not quite. I’d like to get a sum of everything that was added to a field within a particular date range. So, I could go into Advanced Search and get a report on the total time added to that field in that project between 1st and 31st March. Currently, I can only get a total across the whole period of a project, but I’ve got no breakdown of the time per month or week. It would be useful for getting a picture of when sub-teams are busiest, and how much spare time each of them might have at a given point.