Filter tasks completed over 30 days ago by section

When writing rules there are times it would be better to be able do date > 30 days vs picking a specific date

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Welcome, @Jonathon_Bailey,

Can you be more specific about which particular “When” or “Check if” rule you’re referring to?

Also, the third-party may offer a solution (cc @Phil_Seeman).



So for one example we wanted to Hide old Tasks when they were in the section closed after the close date was greater than 30 days. We are creating a project management dashboard. Also we are using the helpdesk Template and it would benefit that one as well.

I’m afraid I’m still not clear on your request, but it sounds like this is what you’re looking for (not rules):

The trouble with the filter is I can’t say hide everything completed over a month. The example just shows everything completed a month ago. I just want to hide them on a section as well. Is that a filer or rule? not sure

Sorry, it’s not possible to do natively in Asana. I’ve updated the title to be more accurate.

@Jonathon_Bailey That would be a filter, not a rule. As @lpb says, not currently possible, and Flowsana wouldn’t help here as integrations don’t have any ability to impact filtering.

We found a solution…

Anytime a project is completed it is moved to the Completed Section, and a date field is set to today.

I have a rule in the completed Section to move the task to a new project called IT Projects Closed - 2024 under the new section.

The completed IT project consists of New, Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4. when a project hits the New Section. It uses the date filed in to determine which Section to move to.

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