Filter tasks by tag

wow since 2018! it’s much needed now more than ever. We need to be able to sort tasks by Tag and add it as a list view, imagine the possibilities

Asana keeps me organized every day, I am so grateful for this app! It would be so helpful if we could sort tags. I see this has been a feature request going back to 2017. I have tasks that are tagged High Priority and Medium Priority but no way to sort to see what is urgent, and have to manually eyeball a rather long list. I see some others have created a High Priority project as a workaround… maybe that will be my solution.

If it helps anyone, I realized I could click on the Calendar view for the tag and at least see by the most current date. I noticed that the default is Weekends Off, with no option to save view. Many of my tasks recur by date, which puts them on the weekends sometimes.