Filter tasks by tag

tbh, I am very happy with this “workaround”

I can’t believe it. No filtering by tags, but flying unicorns and other useless animations. Hello product management???

Filtering boards by tag is incredibly important.
My guess for why this has not been implemented yet is because you can achieve the same thing with Custom Fields, which is a paid feature.
Can someone from Asana please confirm whether filtering by tags is or is not going to be actioned on the roadmap for free users?
Doesn’t matter if the answer is no, just don’t string people along waiting for a feature that will never exist…

@Marie @Rebecca_McGrath Any feedback on this?

Hello @Alfred_Tsang,

We don’t have plans to support Tag filtering/sorting at the moment but I’ll circle back on this thread if this is something we consider doing in the future!

Hi Marie, I hope your plans change in the future. This would be a great functional addition to Asana!

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1000% unacceptable.

I’m a loyal premium user of Asana since 2015. I came to this thread because I need this feature. I need "tag = " to be an “advanced filter” option so I can view a project through the lense of “tags” that are relevant to me.

…This is a feature request going back to 2018 for me. There is no other way to filter the huge amount of tasks in a project. And before you say it: no, I can’t use the suggestions offered - we cannot use the current search view for tags, or make a new project just with the tagged tasks – because the greatness of Asana for us is the ability to keep a large amount of tasks in ONE VIEW (one “project”)…

The problem is that Projects in Asana do NOT scale well because of the limitations of the search function. Overall Asana is great, but I would call this the most frustrating limitation of the software.

I want to clarify whyemphasised text** the workaround does not work.

For us, the primary benefit of the Asana project view is to see our ‘task’ rows organized under the sections - which for us - describes the “phase” or “next step” for that ‘task.’

The advanced search workaround can display all tasks with a certain tag in a certain project; but the organization of that project is totally lost because it’s rendered in a simple ‘list view’ and does not respect the format of the project.

What I actually need is the tagged tasks to be listed underneath the sections they belong in; so I can easily see, at a glance, where everything I care about is in the “process.”

Can I pretty please have this feature? :ok_hand: :+1: :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

Thanks for reading and listening to my feedback.

Daniel - You can create a single select custom field that would act similarly to a tag. Create a custom field for the task phase and then you can filter as you like using the standard filter feature when maintaining the section view.

It’s ridiculous that they build their whole software around the tagging system but then limit the use of it in reporting/displaying tasks with tags. Obviously, this is to get users to pay and use the custom fields which allows similar functionality to be possible. But, the foundation of the software is based tags, and putting these unnecessary limitations on tag filtering in place seriously harms the user experience for paid users. Just make filtering by tags a premium feature and we will all be happy.