Filter/Sort Subtasks



Hey there. New to the community and just wanting to put an idea out there to the Asana world. I use it every day at work for a concert promoter. My main function for the app is as a task list. One function that would absolutely change my world would be to be able to sort/filter subtasks within a task. For example: Within my Asana Task List, I have a Section called “Social Media Content”. In this section, I have a subtask created for each show that I receive content from bands to post on our social media outlets so that I’m not digging through emails to find it. While it might sound lazy, I would love to be able to add a new show subtask to my current list of subtasks and then be able to sort the list of subtasks by Name so that I’m not having to scroll down and find where to put it when I get content for a show that would fall in the middle of my list. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but in my world, it would make a heap of difference in my organization. I get bombarded with content and removing one step from the process by adding a filer/sort option for Subtasks would be incredible.